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Modern Dance Classes at Dance Centers of Orlando are determined by placement


A contemporary dance form that is rooted in ballet. It emphasizes the use of the floor for centering and grounding oneself in movement.

In this class the breath (inhale/exhale), over-curve and under-curve, contraction/release, musicality and rhythm are explored. Teachers incorporate an eclectic blend of contemporary and post-modern movement into their classes.

dance orlando modernorlando dance modernModern dancers use dancing to express their innermost emotions, often to get closer to their inner-selves. Before attempting to choreograph a routine, the modern dancer decides which emotions to try to convey to the audience. Many modern dancers choose a subject near and dear to their hearts, such as a lost love or a personal failure. The dancer will choose music that relates to the story they wish to tell, or choose to use no music at all, and then choose a costume to reflect their chosen emotions.

The essence of modern dance is to look forward, not back. Ballet and modern sometimes fuse together and enrich both forms, but neither is likely to lose its identity in the process.

Famous Choreographers: Martha Graham, Alvin Ailey

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Modern Fusion

A Dance style fusing into modern elements from jazz, lyrical, modern, and contemporary styles.

Mila Ballet & Pointe

Mila Makarova

Dance Centers of Orlando's Ballet Mistress & Pointe Instructor

Miss Mila has been with Dance Centers of Orlando from the very beginning.

She continues a strong family dance tradition. After receiving her initial training with her parents Juanita and Nikolai, a Bolshoi trained star of the famed Don Cossack Chorus ... more on Miss Mila

"Mila has done wonders with my daughter.  When she came to Dance Centers of Orlando, she was not strong in ballet technique and it showed in her dances.  In one year, my daughter and others improved so much in ballet that it is like 5 years in 1!  This is true with all of the kids. She is strict but fun and she cares alot." ~ very appreciative parent

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